Sizhe Lester Li

Sizhe Lester Li


University of Rochester, MIT

I am a visiting student at MIT working on robot learning, hosted by Chuang Gan and Josh Tenenbaum.

I am also a final-year undergraduate in computer science at the University of Rochester, where I was fortunate to be advised by Chenliang Xu on audio-visual learning. Previously, I was fortunate to work with Thomas Serre on cancer detection, starting as a high school researcher at Brown University.

My research interests span robot learning, computer vision, and physics simulation. Currently, I develop methods for robots to learn to interact with deformable objects with challenging dynamics.


  • Robot Learning: dynamics & control, differentiable physics
  • Computer Vision: scene representations
  • Computer Graphics: differentiable simulation
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2021 - Present

    Undergraduate Visiting Student

  • University of Rochester 2018 - Dec. 2022 (Exp.)

    B.S. in Computer Science